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Body Name:
Type: Heritage Preservation Commission
Meeting location: Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall, 411 West First Street

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December 2023

Dec, 2023

Recommends historic preservation sites and districts to the city council; approves or denies applications for historic construction and demolition permits pursuant to Section 50-37.14; recommends historic preservation guidelines specific to a landmark or district; conducts continuing survey of all areas, places, buildings, structures or similar objects in the city that the commission; works for the continuing education of the citizens of the city with respect to the historic and architectural heritage of the city; recommends to the planning commission and council that certain properties eligible for designation as historic preservation landmarks or districts be acquired by gift, by negotiation or other legal means. Membership requirements: City residents who have demonstrated an interest in the historical, cultural or architectural development of the City or who own property within a heritage preservation district. 5 members appointed by the City; 1 member appointed by the St. Louis County Historical Society; and 1 member appointed by the city Planning Commission.