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Body Name:
Type: Parks and Recreation Commission
Meeting location: Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall, 411 West First Street

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February 2024

Feb, 2024

Assists the City Administration by making recommendations on issues that are pertinent to the development and/or enhancement of existing or future recreational needs of this community; acts as a liaison between community needs, the Parks & Recreation Division and the City Council. 11 voting (3-year terms) and 3 nonvoting members (indefinite terms). Voting members shall include one resident of each of the five council districts in the city, two at large members, who shall not be residents of the same council district, one member with formal education in recreation who is employed in that field, one member who is a member of, or recommended by, the commission on disabilities, one member who works with recreation programs and facilities as a staff member in the community schools program and one member with formal education in land management who is employed in that field. Each voting member shall be a resident of the City, except recreation, land management and community schools representatives shall either reside or work in the city limits of Duluth. The nonvoting members shall be a Duluth city councilor, a Duluth school board member and a St. Louis County commissioner.